Monday, September 05, 2005


Columbia Gorge and Mount Hood: Photos Courtesy: Suining Ding: IPFW

ASEE 2005 / Architectural Engineering Division Dinner Meeting
Scribe: John J. Phillips, P.E. Oklahoma State University
June 14, 2005
Conference Center Portland, Oregon 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Present: Refer to attached list of attendees, along with email addresses.

Gouranga: Acknowledged and thanked Joe Betz for his hard work as the AE Division Chair for this years conference.

Charles Bissey: On membership in ASEE, majority of members in AE division come from civil engineering technology and architecture technology, with only a minority being AE faculty, and also 2 high school teachers.

The AE division – On national level, demand for doctorate in Architectural Engineering exists (Penn St. currently has a program), and the AE division should band together to establish AE doctorate programs, as currently many students with AE degrees have problems getting into doctorate programs. One possibility discussed is establishing a set of guidelines that AE students must have upon graduation with a degree that could be a standard for review by admissions offices to graduate programs. Also, increased awareness of Architectural Engineering is needed. Additionally, issue of green design can be promoted positively through the AE division, and should be in the future.

Awards: Two awards for the AE division were awarded at the dinner:
1) Best paper of AE division - Stan Guidera
2) Best presenter of AE division - Jan Cowan
In addition, two other awards were presented:
1) Award to Joe Betz for his outstanding accomplishments as the
Architectural Engineering Program Chair the past two years.
2) Award to Gouranga Banik for his leadership as Division Head the past two years.

Officers: Officers for the next two years are:
Division Head: Joseph Betz
Program Chair: John Phillips
Secretary: Stan Guidera
Treasurer: Hector Estrada
Newsletter Editor : Jan Cowan
Execution Committee Member: Suining Ding

Awards/Business Meeting Attendees:
Gouranga Banik Southern Polytech State University
Joseph Betz S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale
Charles Bissey Kansas State Universtity(Emeritus)
Jan Cowan IUPUI
Daniel Davis University of Hartford
Suining Ding IPFW
Hector Estrada Texas A&M University – Kingsville
Stan Guidera Bowling Green State University
Eric Hansberry Northeastern University
John Phillips Oklahoma State University